My Father's House
Barry's Cross
Co. Kerry
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An International House of Prayer

About Us

Donít worry about anything. Instead, pray about everything tell God your needs and donít forget to thank him for his answers - Philippians 4:6

Where you go is not always where God may need you.

You can never tell what is going to happen next. This was truly the case in our lives. As each day unfolded we went in prayer before God and asked for direction, but like most Christians, we did not listen. We had been blessed with a successful 'Bed and Breakfast' and felt this was the way we would fund our travel ministry, and initially it was. First we traveled to the U.K. where we enjoyed sharing the Word with the people of Wales and London. We were then invited to the U.S.A., which was a blessing in every aspect.

But time passed and because we where away a lot we lost sight of what God had planned for us here in Ireland. After some time we felt the Lord calling us to Cork in the south of Ireland to help build a church, so each winter for 3 years we packed our bags and moved to Cork, got jobs and helped to build the church in Bishopstown (New Life Christian Centre). Again the Lord was with us and we enjoyed our time there. But we would once again, move back to our B&B in Ballinskelligs Co. Kerry, also in the south of Ireland, but a long drive form Cork.

We then decided to sell the B&B, go into full time ministry and live in Cork to be near the Church as we felt this was the way to go, but after 3 sales fell through, I again went before the Lord. My wife had noticed that many of the people who came to the house had received a word from God through us and some had even come to know the Lord. We also noticed that more and more Pastors and Ministers where coming to stay. Most would be tired and weary but after a few days here they felt renewed in the Spirit. Some entries in our guest book revealed to us that many saw the Hand of God in the work we were doing in the house.

I prayed to the Lord and asked why the house had not sold and why we where back in Ballinskelligs once again, this time the voice was clear. "This House is to be a House of Prayer". On hearing this I spent much time in prayer, again for direction, but this time I decided to listen to that still, small voice. Again the voice said 'my Fathers House is a House of prayer'. So with the Lords help, we have begun a journey into a place not known to me before now, a place where the Lord leads and we follow.